Penn Hill Group’s Tom Corwin interviewed for Politico article on the Transition to the New Administration

Penn Hill Group Senior Advisor Tom Corwin was interviewed for a November 10 Politico article, “Education Department could see brain drain.” Corwin commented on how the transition to the new Administration could impact the Department of Education (ED):

“There’s a lot of uncertainty about what ED will look like … There’s a big risk there, that you’ll lose a lot of people. Thomas Corwin, a former senior ED official with decades of experience at the agency, said that transitions between previous administrations and political parties, from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush and Bush to Obama, have been relatively amicable. Of course, some Obama Administration staffers would have left if Hillary Clinton had won. But the Trump transition feels different. The lack of commitment to continuing the work of career employees — and the threat of a structural shake-up — are deeply concerning, former officials said.”