As former senior Capitol Hill staffers and Administration officials, we have a deep understanding of Federal early education, K-12, disability, higher education, workforce and other domestic policy laws and regulations, and we excel at identifying how these laws and regulations influence everyday work and long-term goals. We use our expertise to help you respond to an ever-changing Federal education landscape and to inform decisions that can dramatically affect your financial or policy bottom line.

Due diligence
We produce customized research and “due diligence projects” to better inform financial transactions and policy decisions. We help you identify risks, address challenges and seize opportunities in current and potential laws, regulations and business relationships.

In-depth research and analysis
Penn Hill Group can dive deep into research and analysis by investigating an area of particular interest. Using our networks and research skills, we study specific topics and format the results in a manner suited to your needs—in memoranda, white papers or more formal publications.

Smart business growth consulting
Constantly evolving business and policy environments make identifying new and expanded business opportunities particularly challenging. Penn Hill Group can help you find and make the most of these opportunities. We work with you to forge connections with key leaders in Washington’s policymaking, philanthropic and business communities and advance your agenda.

We also help you make better-informed business decisions. We use our extensive policy knowledge and contacts to help you identify risks and opportunities that affect your business growth plans.


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