Penn Hill Group’s Vic Klatt Quoted in Inside Higher Ed Article on Free College and Education Leadership in the New Congress

Penn Hill Group Principal Vic Klatt was quoted in an October 20 Inside Higher Ed article, “Higher ed would be central in a Clinton administration, but who would carry agenda in Congress?” Klatt commented on the likelihood of passage of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s free college plan in the new Congress:

“Proposing it and fighting for it are two different things, said Vic Klatt, a principal at the Penn Hill Group and a former GOP education policy staffer in the House. Setting aside all politics, that is a ton of money.”

Klatt was also asked about the potential for new Democratic leadership on both the House and Senate education committees.

“The one constant on higher ed policy will be [Senator Lamar] Alexander, he said. The current HELP chairman has a long track record on those issues and will need to be brought on board for Democrats to get anything done. He’s the key — unless the Democrats get 60 votes in the Senate, Klatt said.”