Penn Hill Group’s Washington Wrap-Up: August 22

Here’s a quick look at the news from last week (August 15-19) in Washington.


Chairman Kline sent Secretary Duncan an oversight letter on the Race to the Top assessment consortium and their specific work on curriculum and instructional materials. The letter raises questions about whether the Department is violating prohibitions on Dept. influence over curriculum. The letter asked for a response by August 10th, and while the Department is working on the request, it has not yet officially responded.


Harkin and Enzi staff continue to negotiate/discuss ESEA.  There is a goal of beginning bipartisan HELP Committee staff discussions (with all Members represented), by the last week in August.  The outcome of these negotiations between Harkin and Enzi still remain unclear.

WIA reauthorization remains stalled.


The President, along with senior advisers, has discussed releasing a jobs proposal after Labor Day.  Department of Education officials are talking with OMB about education proposals in this package. The proposal could include funding for teacher salaries, but final proposed priorities are still being discussed.