Vic Klatt of Penn Hill Group Quoted in Ed Week article on NCLB Waivers

Penn Hill Group Principal Vic Klatt was quoted in an April 22, 2011 Education Week article titled, “Duncan Issues Far More NCLB Waivers Than Predecessors” in which he discussed transparency issues surrounding the waivers.

“The lack of transparency around waiver decisions worries some education policy advocates.

In the case of the McPherson waiver, “I think it’s extremely confusing,” said Vic Klatt, a principal at Penn Hill Group, a government-relations and advocacy organization in Washington, and a former top Republican aide on the House education committee. He said allowing a district to operate under its own standards, with its own tests, seems to fly in the face of the main impetus behind NCLB.”

The full article can be viewed on the Education Week website.