…for a large, national organization

A national association of media organizations has developed a multifaceted federal education agenda that deals with several federal laws moving on different tracks. Penn Hill Group works with the association’s government relations office to ensure that its policy agenda is addressed in related pieces of legislation currently under consideration in Congress.

Penn Hill Group provides ongoing, dynamic consultation and government relations support to the association’s staff. We partner with them during legislative negotiations, advocacy work, and outreach and in other strategic areas relating to its education vision. When a policy issue emerges, we ensure that the association provides a prompt, effective response. We help develop talking points, PowerPoint presentations, questions and answers, and fact sheets — critical tools needed to address constituent, partner, and congressional requests.

Working together, we have seen the association’s agenda items introduced in congressional bills and included at various stages of legislation moving in Congress — and avoid budget cuts in these competitive economic times.

…for a community-based nonprofit coalition

Penn Hill Group has had a long partnership with a nonprofit organization that focuses on schools and community-based organizations in Northern California’s lowest-income communities. Although the organization has extensive knowledge of how successful expanded learning, after school, and summer programs work and particular expertise on the strengths and weaknesses of the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, it needed help developing its federal advocacy agenda.

Through this powerful partnership, we have developed a federal policy agenda, including detailed legislative language and related materials. Penn Hill Group created a targeted advocacy plan that included coalition-building, communications, and federal advocacy strategies.

As a result of our plan implementation, the organization now leads a coalition of more than 25 school districts and community-based organizations across the country in advocating for its expanded learning, after school, and summer policy recommendations. It has become an expert voice calling for specific language to be included in proposals moving forward in Congress — and a voice called upon by Congress for advice. We helped the organization transform opportunity into action by adding key partnerships that widen its policy and advocacy reach.

…for an education-oriented company

Penn Hill Group worked on behalf of several private-sector companies to create separate funding streams that allowed them to compete for tens of millions of dollars in federal funding over the past decade. We also worked with private companies to address regulatory issues at the U.S. Department of Education and helped forge agreements that opened access to new and existing markets and prevented detrimental actions that would have cost millions of dollars.

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