Penn Hill Group’s Washington Wrap-up: September 10

Here’s a quick look at the news from last week (September 3-7) in Washington.


The Department of Education announced that 893 potential applicants indicated their intent to apply for the Race to the Top-District Competition. This is not a final list, as giving a notice of intent to apply was not mandatory. Applications are due October 30.

The end of this week brings the deadline for the sequestration report to Congress that would provide more details on the impact of budget sequestration on programs. The Hill is reporting that the White House has confirmed they will not meet the deadline – it is unknown when the report will be released.

Texas announced this week that the state will apply for an NCLB waiver, but it’s not presently likely to meet the requirements of the Department’s waiver process. A spokesperson for the Texas Education Agency said this will allow them to avoid the “strings that were attached to the NCLB waiver” by the Department.

The Department of Education issued proposed priorities, requirements, definitions, and selection criteria for the Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) Grant program.


Congress was in recess this past week. The House and Senate will return to session next week, and are expected to be in session for two weeks before recessing until after the November election.

The House Committee on Education & the Workforce will hold a subcommittee hearing next Wednesday, September 12 on “Expanding the Power of Big Labor: The NLRB’s Growing Intrusion into Higher Education.”

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions will hold a full committee hearing next Thursday, September 13, on “Improving College Affordability: A View from the States.” 


The Democratic party released their 2012 education platform this week.